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Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

When people look for a recovery center, they often think that they have to choose between residential or intensive outpatient programs; however, everyone is different, and some people need a program that falls in between these options. That is when a partial hospitalization program is beneficial. At Connected Path, we offer this type of program for those who need it.

What Is A PHP?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers intense addiction treatment in a less structured environment than residential care. On that same note, it has more structure than a standard IOP or outpatient program. A PHP helps people recover from drugs in an environment that allows for a successful transition into the community.

The great thing about a PHP is that Connected Path can adjust them to fit people’s needs. These programs include a mix of services that range from family to individual therapy. At the same time, we can easily adjust how long the programs last. For example, a PHP is generally 18-20 hours a week and can last two weeks or longer based on your needs.

Who Benefits From A PHP?

It is ideal for those who do not want residential treatment but need more structure than standard outpatient care. Since a PHP falls in between, it is the perfect option for people who fall in between the two.

A PHP is typically more expensive than standard outpatient care but less costly than residential treatment. It is great for those who need similar structure to residential care but cannot afford it. Also, some insurance companies provide coverage for PHP’s but not for residential programs.

PHP After Residential Treatment

Enrolling in a PHP after completing residential care can give people more time to transition back into daily life.

Let Connected Path Show You The Way!

Beating an addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Even after people complete residential treatment, they may still need help. If outpatient programs do not provide enough structure for you, consider a PHP. At Connected Path, we can provide a program that fits your needs and create custom treatment plans for every client. Learn more about this program by clicking the button above to send us a message or calling (855) 888-2600.