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About Connected Path

About Connected Path

At Connected Path, we strive to create a safe and open environment where each person can evaluate and address their relationship with substances and receive the support needed to create a healthier lifestyle or overcome addiction. We believe in the disease model of addiction treatment and provide education and guidance to our clients and family to understand the complex neurological, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects on themselves those around them. We believe in helping clients create a plan to start the healing path of their physical health, as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

We believe that addiction is primarily a brain disease, and that complex neurobiology plays a significant role in its development and manifestation. Anyone, regardless of age, family history, or cultural background, can be affected by dependency and addiction. Because it is a complex disease, it does not yield to human effort or strong desire change. Action and help is needed. Substance abuse can be present in anyone and does not discriminate and can destroy the lives of everyone involved.

We offer a broad spectrum of outpatient services. In tailoring our client’s program, in some instances, we may suggest a higher level of care such as an inpatient facility. We take care of the referrals and assist in admissions and constant contact with referral sources in order to provide ongoing continuity of care so that our clients are always in a support system and has an advocate for the best care possible. Bottom line, we are 100% committed to finding our client’s the best and most appropriate care even if that is not with us.

You Mentality

Connected Path believes in a You mentality. We believe that although the difficulties with substances or addiction may be similar, people recover at a different pace and have had different experiences. We emphasize creating individualized programs for all our clients. By doing so, we can find and deal with the underlying causes and conditions related to addiction and treat the whole person.

Our addiction treatment specialists create custom addiction recovery plans for every client that include a mix of traditional and holistic treatments. From partial hospitalization to supportive outpatient, we stay with our clients as recovery progress shows. Our programs help a client find their way to the healing process: mind, body, and soul.

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Our Core Values


We recognize that problems with substances create isolation from family, employers, society, and most importantly from oneself. By connecting to each other, sharing our experiences, and supporting one another, We do Recover.


We believe strongly in a compassionate approach while helping a client build an accountability program for themselves. Addiction is a harsh world often void of love, true friendship, and compassion. Building a life of recovery requires a safe and compassionate environment.


We believe that honesty is paramount to creating a life of recovery. In addiction, manipulation and deceit are the norm. Staying clean and sober requires a life of honesty, and our staff is committed to being honest with our clients about the state of their lives and what is needed to get the most out of recovery and build a healthy, happy, and free lifestyle.

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Our Philosophy

At Connected Path, the client’s individual needs and experience are our top priority. Our expert licensed clinical therapists value and respect the uniqueness of every person. Our facility is small and intimate with the intention for you to feel completely supported and connected during early recovery. We have created evidence-based programs with both time-tested methods and new innovations in treatment to optimize recovery success. Our clients learn skills to begin living the life they deserve right away.

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